AMETHYST Beauty: Oxygen Instant Energizing Reviving Treatment

AMETHYST Beauty: Oxygen Instant Energizing Reviving Treatment

Amethyst oxygen instant energizing reviving treatment

Amethyst is a beauty among gemstones, a violet-colored type of quartz of great energy that activates the sixth and seventh chakra. Its benefits are both physical and emotional. In fact, many have considered amethyst to be a “stone of the soul” and prized it for its ability to restore emotional balance by purifying negative energy.

When applied to skin, amethyst has been shown to help moisturize skin while also exfoliating it gently to remove dead skin cells. And as many of us know, basic skin care has to include both gentle but effective exfoliation and rich moisturization so as to promote fresh-looking skin.

Kristals Cosmetics researchers developed formulations based on amethyst to utilize its skincare benefits and were careful to incorporate just the right complementary ingredients to enhance the gemstone’s moisturizing and exfoliating effects.

Deep Nourishment for the Skin with Amethyst, Vitamins and Oxygen
Kristals Cosmetics Amethyst Oxygen Instant Energizing Reviving Treatment came about as a result of this painstaking process. As the name indicates, this product is centered on using the power of amethyst and other ingredients to deliver much-needed oxygen to the skin.

In addition, the Amethyst Oxygen Instant Energizing Reviving Treatment also blends in pro-vitamin B5, which is absorbed readily into your skin’s layers and becomes pantothenic acid, a substance that moisturizes, soothes, heals and regenerates healthy cells.

Additionally, Kristals Cosmetics added vitamin E—a potent antioxidant—to the formulation, because of its benefits in preventing wrinkle formation and boosting collagen.

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