AQUAMARINE – The Man—Soothing Shaving Cream

AQUAMARINE – The Man—Soothing Shaving Cream

Ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Romans used to wear charms made from aquamarine for protection, particularly when taking sea voyages, so the stone has been associated historically with the element of water.

In holistic medicine, aquamarine has been used to help influence in the relaxation of the nervous system, combating anxiety and promoting inner peace. From a health standpoint, aquamarine has been seen as a strengthener of cleansing organs such as the liver, kidneys, thyroid and spleen.

Aquamarine in Holistic Skin Care
When researching the stone’s properties to formulate cosmetics products, researchers from Kristals Cosmetics noted that the stone helps calm inflamed skin, so it has potential for managing inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. With that in mind, Kristals Cosmetics added a line of aquamarine skincare products focused on both its holistic qualities and its properties to promote healthier skin.


Understanding AQUAMARINE – The Man Soothing Shaving Cream
Kristals Cosmetics researchers leveraged the skin-soothing capabilities of aquamarine in developing a line of products for men. Because of this, Aquamarine –The Man- Soothing Shaving Cream is designed to help soften facial hairs gently so as to produce a more comfortable, closer shave. To augment the anti-inflammatory properties of aquamarine when it comes to skin, Kristals Cosmetics formulators added allantoin—derived from the comfrey plant—to further sooth skin and avoid irritation. To further nurture the skin, AQUAMARINE – The Man Soothing Shaving Cream also features antioxidants like vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5, along with polyquaternium-10, which functions as a conditioner for facial hair to make it easier to shave.