Rock Crystal Supreme Body Butter – Love Spells

Rock Crystal Supreme Body Butter – Love Spells

Ancient Greeks used rock crystal to light the Olympic flame and believed rock crystal was the choice of their gods for the goblets they used on Mount Olympus. Long revered as a symbol of purity, these translucent stones soothe and draw away pain while easing skin problems.

If your skin needs a breath of new life and a boost of energy, it’s time to take the Greek gods’ advice and show your skin some love.

Kristals Cosmetics researchers studied the lore surrounding rock crystals, ruby, diamond, sapphire and other gemstones for much more than holistic benefits; rock crystal has the power to deliver powerful skincare outcomes and target wrinkles, skin tone and signs of aging.

Their extensive research labeled rock crystal as one of the most healing stones possessing not only an ability to increase energy, but also to amplify the energy of all the other crystals. That energy-amplifier heightens your skin’s nourished rebirth and broadcasts that energy outward, leaving you with a head-turning moisture-kissed glow and a rejuvenated skin, body and soul.


Harnessing the rock crystal’s purity and focusing on its skincare benefits, the Kristals Cosmetics research team’s discoveries led to the development of Rock Crystal Supreme Body Butter – Love Spells. This natural butter is rich with soothing moisture and scientific advances in anti-aging. The rock crystal formula includes glycerin, renowned for promoting suppleness and elasticity; African shea butter, which works dynamically to transform skin with fatty acids that renew cells while providing moisture; and beeswax, which pulls this formula together to soothe and soften with healing properties.

The result is ultra-soft skin you can sustain with Kristals Cosmetics formulas featuring the healing powers of rock crystals.

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