Which Are The Best Wedding Day Beauty Tips?

Which Are The Best Wedding Day Beauty Tips?

Skin care can be simple for the big day—you just need to get set up right. Here’s how.

5 Wedding Day Beauty Tips

#1 Map It Out

See a dermatologist 6 months before to address any ongoing skin problems and set up a treatment plan that you can follow. This way, you can get issues under control early on with a scheduled, strategic plan customized to your concerns and guided by an expert.

#2 Cut Down on Salt and Dairy

Reducing salt a few weeks before your wedding helps with puffiness around the eyes, while dropping dairy may help clear your skin while offering some slimming benefits.

#3 Rehearse Your Makeup

The last thing you want is to have your artist try out a look and have it not be right. Sit down with him or her in advance and try out different looks—smoky eyes, contouring, whatevs. Do a few trial runs, make sure you have the look you want, and then get it done on the big day.

#4 Use Waterproof Mascara

Emotions will run high and you may cry, so be sure to have waterproof mascara to avoid raccoon eye emergencies.

#5 Keep Baby Wipes Handy

These are not only great for makeup smudges but also for fast freshen-ups when you sweat, either on the dance floor or in the receiving line.

Following these tips should get you to your gorgeous best on the big day.

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