Beauty Benefits of Meditation

Beauty Benefits of Meditation

Ever wondered if there were any beauty benefits of meditation? I thought it was just me but one day I realized everyone around me – who meditated religiously – actually looked a lot younger than their real age… Have you noticed this as well?  Well, apparently, this is not just a random observation. It happens to be backed up by research too. A study from the 80s  showed that people who meditate regularly actually do have a younger biological age compared to those of us who don’t. Personally, I was aware of studies showing meditation could be used to manage stress, treat hypertension and anxiety and all of that alone sounded great. But I wasn’t aware of the fact that it could help me preserve my youthful looks.  So, after some more research, here’s what you need to know about the beauty benefits of meditation:

  • Gives You More Energy

One of the reasons why meditating will help you look younger is that it doesn’t only help you relax, it also restores the energy levels in your body.  And it only takes as little as 30 minutes per day. More energy will translate into a more youthful attitude and lifestyle, helping you look younger.


  • Helps You Make Healthier Choices

With a regular meditation practice comes more awareness. Which more often than not leads to making better decisions when it comes to your lifestyle choices. It usually translates into thinking twice before putting junk food in your mouth, remembering the importance of hydrating and working towards a better work-life balance. And you know who looks younger? Healthier people!

  • Gets Your Skin Glowing

Also, this renewed energy that comes with meditation (a.k.a. prana) helps your body enter some sort of ‘self-healing’ mode. This helps restore the tissues and cells for a evener skin tone and youthful complexion. Added to this, the mindful breathing technique increases oxygen to the skin which rejuvenates it. So if you want a brighter complexion and fewer wrinkles, meditating should become a step within your skincare routine. Plus, the awareness that comes through meditation often makes these people more prone to taking a few minutes each day to look after their skin and apply the right skincare products. In fact, more and more dermatologists are now prescribing meditation to their patients.

  • Makes You Sleep Better

If you want to look like a baby, try sleeping like one! Meditation is a great tool to help you relax in the evening to prepare for a deep night’s sleep. Nothing makes you age faster than insomnia.

  • Makes You Smile More

Marilyn Monroe once said: “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear”. And I agree. If your stress levels are through the roof, then you are more likely to breakout, dry out like a raisin and wrinkle prematurely. So practice calming your mind to reduce stress and increase a sense of joy and gratitude. You will be amazed at how much a couple of minutes of “me time” can do for your looks.


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