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Diamond Anti-Gravity Firming Serum

Diamond Anti-Gravity Firming Serum

It’s true—your skin can draw the gaze often garnered by diamonds. These crystals of light lure us with their high-frequency energy. Kristals Cosmetics researchers confirmed that diamonds, the king of gems, also can cast that healing glow on skin. The diamond’s healing power can also pass its storied good fortune, invincibility and strength to your skin. Kristals Cosmetics’ skincare team have harnessed its energy in a luxurious line of products that restore skin’s youthful glow and reduce the appearance of sun damage by fighting aging, storing moisture and maintaining skin’s collagen. These specially formulated products take advantage of the diamond’s effects to promote healthy skin when paired with highly proven skincare ingredients that offer similar benefits.


Diamond Paired with Peptides for Maximum Anti-Aging Skincare
The final step in an Kristals Cosmetics Anti-Gravity Firming regimen is the Diamond Anti-Gravity Firming Serum. Empowering your skin to fight aging, wrinkles and dull tones is just a touch away. In Kristals Cosmetics’ Diamond Anti-Gravity Firming Serum, pure diamond dust works in harmony with Progeline (trifluoroacetyl tetrapeptide-2), a tetrapeptide that prevents collagen degradation by working on enzymes such as MMP.  Progeline acts as an elastase inhibitor while reducing progerin synthesis, which makes collagen contract and firm to reduce skin sagging and wrinkles. Adipofill, the exciting new wrinkle filler formulated with patented L-orithine amino acid encapsulated in lonosomes, helps you target trouble areas and fills in and plumps lines around the mouth, fat deposits on the upper cheekbones, under-eye hollowness and lifts sagging eyebrows for a plumper, refreshed appearance.

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