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Moisturizer: Ten Things You Need To Know

Moisturizer: Ten Things You Need To Know


Educating yourself about moisturizer, its benefits, and best use tips is one of the greatest gifts you can give your skin. The fact that over 60% of our body is water makes it obvious that this is an extremely important element and that we should keep an eye on it by hydrating regularly. Furthermore, 72% of our skin is water. And knowing that skin is the largest organ in human bodies, it becomes somehow evident that we need extra help besides drinking many glasses of water a day. A good moisturizer, like Rock Crystal Moisturizer, is an excellent aid to keep our skin healthy and with a youthful appearance.

Here are 10 facts about moisturizers that you need to know in order to maximize their action:

#1 Chose the right moisturizer for your skin type.

Don’t be mistaken with the feeling that heavier moisturizers will get you bonus hydration points. Your skin will absorb the amount of product according to its needs. If your skin is dry, you will probably benefit from more oily formulations. But if you have normal skin, you should look for lighter creams. Oily skins will benefit from gel moisturizers.

Leaving a thick white layer of product on your face hoping that the results will be more radical is a waste of time (and product). And this leads me to the next point…

#2 Why do we put on oil, if what we want is water?

We very well know that oil and water aren’t BFFs. So what’s the point in using a cream-based product to achieve more hydration?

Water gets to the skin from deeper layers in the body, not from the surface. On the outer layer of the skin we have something called Natural Moisture Factor that helps retain that water. Also, emollient oils on the surface of the skin can reduce the loss of water, thus staying hydrated for longer. That is why moisturizers are oily. Not to gain water, but to lose less.

Rock Crystal Moisturizer has hyrdroviton complex, a unique formulation that can act as a Natural Moisture Factor.

Now, knowing all this takes me inevitably to the next point…

#3 Always hydrate!

No matter how many times a day you apply your moisturizer, if you don’t drink water, it will be useless. Water can be ingested plain, or through various drinks and foods: teas, juices, fruits, or soups.

#4 Apply your moisturizer after cleansing.

A dirty skin will not absorb well the product. Regardless of the time of the day, always make sure to cleanse thoroughly your skin before applying the moisturizer. It is also said that the result will be better if your skin is damp.

As for the order of the factors, specialists recommend going from lighter to thicker: first cleanser, then tonic, serum, eye contour, and finally moisturizer.

#5 There is indeed a right way to apply moisturizer

Apparently, we have been doing everything wrong in this topic. The correct way to apply a moisturizer is from the outer part of the face to the center. This way prevents the product from building up in the hairline and other corners of the face, making the most of it. Also, a good massage will activate blood circulation for better results.

#6 Don’t forget about the neck!

There are some parts of our body that can be easily forgotten. For being small and a connection between two big parts, the neck can usually be neglected. Both your neck and your neckline can benefit from your face moisturizer. In this area, the correct way is to apply the product upwards, massaging against gravity. Don’t forget: your age can be easily guessed by the look of your neck. Just fool them!

#7 Bonus ingredient, like vitamin E, is an asset.

Vitamin E is a great anti-oxidant. This means that it helps protect the cells, so that you will achieve a healthier skin. If you live in the city, where air is more polluted, you will need that extra care that vitamin E can give you.

It also has anti-aging properties, removing scars and little imperfections (not that we have any…), leaving your skin fresh and even. Because, let’s face it, we all want to look not only healthier but also younger.

#8 That differential ingredient: serine.

Serine is an amino acid that helps hydrate the skin as it enhances the flow between cell membranes. It acts as a sealer of moisture, preventing loss of water through the skin.

So if you are looking for a moisturizer with an extra oomph, go for one with different components that can combine forces for a better and long lasting result.

#9 When should sunscreen be applied?

This is a tough one, for different opinions were given regarding sunscreen. Some specialists claim that moisturizer can interact with sunscreen in a negative way, so it is best to first apply sunscreen and then the moisturizer. But there should be no ingredients in a moisturizer to do so. In that sense, the best skin to put on sunscreen is a healthy one. And that is achieved after applying a good moisturizer. In that situation, the sunscreen will perform at its best.

#10 There is no bad day for moisturizer

Moisturizing is not a seasonal act. There should not be highs and lows. Your moisturizer must be applied all year round regardless the weather. We tend to forget to moisturize in winter, when it is probably the season where we lose more amount of fluids due to heaters and a fewer intake of watery foods. And then, when spring comes, we become aware of our skin and resume the habit lost during the cold weather. The fact is that it is harder to rehydrate than to maintain moist. And, let’s face it: it is a very good habit.

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